What We Do

Finding ability in disability is what we do. At a high level, our approach is three-fold – Awareness, Advocacy and Empowerment. Awareness is always at the forefront of our fundraising efforts which support our advocacy and empowerment initiatives. Awareness is essential because with the entrenched socio-cultural perception of disability in Nigeria, which limits social inclusion, self-reliance and economic productivity of people with disabilities and their families.

Since 1993, the foundation continuously receives grants and funding requests for a range of needs directly from individuals and their families for such needs as the provision of mobility aids (wheel chairs and crutches); education grants, scholarships (for vocational schools and schools for special needs); small business loans and grants; apprenticeships and work training programs.

In addition to responding to hundreds of funding and grant requests each year for these needs, the foundation also engages in proactive disability awareness programs that strategically focus on changing attitudes towards disabilities in the society as well as building networks to support current and future education, skills training and business development opportunity needs.