Recreation and Competitive Sports

Primarily organized and held at the Sports Council, Oyo State, Adamasingba, Ibadan, we encourage the participation in these Sports programs for persons with disabilities in suitable sports to promote physical activities and In preparation for local, state and regional Special Olympics Preparation.

Voices of Hope:

Church Support Groups

Our Church Support Groups provide church based support for those who have disabilities as well as families coping with the impact of disabilities. We visit homes to have fellowship with such families and seek to offer spiritual encouragement.

Moniya Rehab. Support Group

The Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Persons, Moniya, Ibadan is a government owned vocational institute. In conjunction with other churches and ministries, we provide support through bible study on Tuesdays, prayer meetings on Thursdays and worship service on Sundays at the One-In-Christ Church located at the center.

Faith Fellowships

At the Christ Foundation Centre, we provide facilities for bible study. We have fellowships on the last Sundays of every month. This is open to the entire disability community. These are always exciting times in the presence of God. We teach them to be rich in faith, to step out in faith and to have hope and trust in Christ.

Drama and Performing Arts Group