Awareness Partnerships

Disability Persons Organizations: Partnerships are key to our awareness programs and at the core of our strategy and our approach to delivering on our mission. Since our inception we have focused on forming alliances and partnerships with organizations that can be considered as disability persons organizations (DPO’s), operating at the local, state and national levels. One of such national organizations with a local presence is the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAWPD), in which case we have built a working relationship with the local chapter (Oyo state Chapter) to collaborate on ours and their disability awareness programs.

Another of such partnerships and indeed the first of such is the one with the Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, Temidire, Moniya, Ibadan, developed by our late founders. This is the only government funded Rehabilitation Center for persons with disabilities in the south west of Nigeria and it provides vocational training, skills development as well as housing close to 100 youths with disabilities.

Aside from such DPO's, we also collaborate with institutions that include centers that provide services for people with all types of disability especially homes for children with physical disability, Cheshire Home Oluyole, Ibadan, Pacelli School for the Blind, Surulere Lagos.

These partnerships are very instrumental in raising awareness, joining forces and a key to pooling resources for efficiency and effectiveness.

Faith Based Organizations: Since the inception of the foundation, the need for increasing awareness within the Christian community has required that we design various faith based outreach programs for public enlightenment. Faith is a key aspect of the emotional wellbeing of all and people with disability are no exception. On invitation, we visit churches to present our mission and share with them God’s love through our choir and band – The Voices of Hope, using this as an avenue to involve the faith based organizations in this great mission to the disability community.

The Wholeness in Brokenness Series:

This is the annual newsletter of the foundation detailing all our events and activities. This publication, compiled and published in-house, is a means of sharing our experiences throughout the year with all our friends and partners. It is released April every year at our annual founders day and anniversary celebration and distributed free, through our network of friends and partners. As such it enjoys a very wide circulation both locally and internationally. We invite organizations to partner with us and sponsor this publication by placing advertisements in the next edition of the newsletter

The Rev. Prof. Joel Adedeji Memorial Lecture

The overall theme for this annual lecture series is – Rehabilitating and Empowering Persons with Disabilities for Nation Building. Through seminars, workshops and symposia, we invite the general public to listen and participate in presentations by government and non-government representatives on various issues as they affect persons with disabilities. Our past lectures have featured topics such as preventative as well as rehabilitative health topics, financial literacy and the role of financial institutions, disability education and public policy on disability topics. Our lectures are often held at several venues at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.